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Welcome to Spiritos School

At Spiritos School, located in Midlothian, Virginia, our
mission is to create a wealth of individualized instructional
and treatment experiences that provide continual educational
programming in an atmosphere of love and acceptance for
children with autism and developmental delay.

Like all successful programs for educating children with
autism, at Spiritos School there is a rich teacher to student
ratio (one-to-one), an intense level of engagement and
intervention with each student, daily recording of performance
data to track each student's progress, and an emphasis on
breaking learning tasks down into basic components in order
to build solid skills "from the ground up".  We have seen
positive results from a number of treatment modalities that
have been developed by researchers from a variety of the
helping professions.  These include:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Therapeutic Listening
  • Brain Gym

Should you wish to arrange a consultation, please feel free to
contact us at
Spiritos School
"Spirit with an Operating System"