Spiritos School
"Spirit with an Operating System"
Program Definitions, Objectives, and

We believe that utilizing a diverse team of
therapists, teachers, and professionals
empower our students to thrive. We use a
wide variety of methods and therapies

Applied Behavioral Analysis –(ABA) is a
science, which seeks to use empirically,
validated behavior change procedures for
assisting children in developing skills for
learning and social interaction. ABA therapy
for children with autism consists of providing
a structure environment with consistent
praise and reinforcement.

Sensory Integration – (SI) One goal of this
therapy is to develop consistent, appropriate
responses to outside stimuli such as sight,
sound, touch, smell, and movement. Another
goal is the integration of basic developmental
reflexes into complex age appropriate motor
Brain Gym – This therapy utilizes specific
movement activities to create a balanced
communication within the brain. This
allows the child to control their alertness
level, decrease levels of stress, and create
a harmonious balance of mind and body.

Auditory Integration – Developed By Dr
Alfred Tomatos and widely used
throughout Europe and America the
benefits of this specialized sound and
music therapy quickly became evident in
developing language skills and deceased
sensitivity to typical daily sounds