History (continued)

In 2002, Janet founded Spiritos School to serve young
children with autism and other forms of developmental

Janet's experience with Matthew led to the establishment of
Spiritos School. Focused upon the special needs of children with
autism and other forms of developmental delay, Spiritos School
gives each of its students a chance to shine via a one-to-one
teacher to student ratio and the use of non-aversive, individualized,
and intrinsically motivating learning programs and therapies.  
Applied Behavioral Analysis methods with an emphasis on
fostering the development of verbal behavior form the backbone of
our teaching.  Sensory Integration Therapy, Auditory Integration
Therapy, and Brain Gym techniques address sensory processing
deficits and allow our students to develop a consistent and secure
relationship with their physical world.  Structured teaching takes
place at both "school-like" worktables and in "natural environment"
play areas.  The development of academic, language, social, and
play skills is woven seamlessly into the child's school day.  When a
child is ready to graduate into a public or private school
"mainstream" setting for all or part of the school day, Spiritos
faculty members can provide staff training and temporary student
shadowing to enhance a smooth and successful transition.

The faculty members at Spiritos come from a wide variety of
disciplines and bring a depth and diversity of education and
experience that benefits each student.

We believe that utilizing a diverse team of therapists, teachers,
and other professionals empowers our students to thrive.  
Currently, the faculty includes men and women whose training
spans the disciplines of occupational therapy, physiological
psychology, and special education.  New staff members receive
specialized training and supervision in Applied Behavioral
Analysis methods.  All members of the Spiritos team are
dedicated professionals, committed to the principle that
individuals challenged by autism and developmental delay can
nevertheless grow and learn in body, mind, and spirit in order to
experience a life enriched with personal fulfillment and positive
integration within society.

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Spiritos School
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