Spiritos School
"Spirit with an Operating System"

The history of Spiritos School follows the
history of Richmond Therapy Consultants and
its founder Janet Lachowsky, MIS OTR..
Richmond Therapy Consultants was founded
in 1989 to provide a different type of therapy
to the children of central Virginia with a
different focus. As a result central Virginia’s
first freestanding clinic for the treatment of
children with Sensory Integration Dysfunction
was born.
A school focusing in the special needs of
autistic and developmentally delayed children
soon followed. Spiritos School is a non-
aversive, positive behavioral support school
united in the belief that all students deserve a
chance to shine and through the use of
creative, intrinsically motivating programs
and therapies each student will be provided
that opportunity.
The bedrock of Spiritos School philosophy is
through the facilitation of intrinsic motivation
and specialized creative programming
individuals with autism and developmental
delay will experience a life enriched with
personal fulfillment and positive integration
within society.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the
excellent work you have done with Matthew.
The commitment, caring and positive
reinforcement given by all has made a
difference for my son”
Vivian D